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For whom is the course intended?

  • Immigrants moving to Portuguese-speaking countries for work or other reasons can integrate better into society and navigate daily life more effectively by learning the local language.
  • Proficiency in Portuguese can lead to career opportunities in translation, interpretation, or localization services, especially in diplomacy, tourism, media, and international business.
  • Scholars studying linguistics, anthropology, sociology, or other related fields may find learning Portuguese beneficial for research, as it offers access to a diverse range of literature, data, and cultural insights.
  • People who enjoy learning new languages can find Portuguese interesting and challenging. It opens a window to explore Portuguese-speaking countries' rich culture, literature, and history.
  • Those who plan to travel to Portuguese-speaking countries like Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, etc., can greatly benefit from learning the language. It enhances the travel experience by enabling better communication with locals and a deeper understanding of the culture.
  • In today's globalized world, proficiency in Portuguese can provide a competitive edge in various industries. It can facilitate business dealings, negotiations, and networking opportunities with Portuguese-speaking clients or partners.
  • Learning Portuguese can enhance educational opportunities, such as studying abroad in Portuguese-speaking countries or pursuing academic research in fields like linguistics, literature, history, or international relations.
  • Individuals interested in literature, music, cinema, and other cultural aspects of Portuguese-speaking countries can enjoy a deeper appreciation by understanding the language. It allows direct access to original works and cultural expressions.

Course Learning Objective

  • Develop the ability to communicate effectively in Portuguese in various everyday situations, including greetings, introductions, asking for directions, ordering food, and making simple inquiries.
  • Understand and apply essential grammar rules, including verb conjugations, noun gender, articles, and sentence structure. Expand vocabulary through the learning of common words and phrases related to daily life, work, travel, and leisure activities.
  • Improve listening comprehension skills by understanding spoken Portuguese at a moderate pace with standard pronunciation and intonation. Practice speaking confidently and accurately through dialogues, role-plays, and interactive exercises.
  • Read and comprehend basic texts, such as short articles, advertisements, signs, and simple literary passages. Develop writing skills by composing sentences, paragraphs, and short compositions on familiar topics, focusing on accuracy and coherence.
  • Gain insight into Portuguese-speaking cultures, traditions, customs, and societal norms. Explore cultural products such as literature, music, films, and cuisine to deepen cultural appreciation and understanding.
  • Prepare students for real-life situations encountered in Portuguese-speaking environments, including travel, work, study abroad, and social interactions. Provide practical language skills that empower students to navigate these contexts confidently and effectively.
  • Foster autonomy and motivation in language learning by providing resources, strategies, and opportunities for self-directed practice and exploration outside of the classroom. Equip students with tools and techniques to continue improving their Portuguese proficiency beyond the course duration.
  • Evaluate students' language proficiency through regular assessments, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing tasks, to monitor progress and provide targeted feedback for improvement. Prepare students for standardized proficiency exams, if desired, such as the DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language).

This course includes

  • Quiz, Case Studies or Project based learning
  • Study resources
  • Certificate of completion
  • Access on mobile and TV

This course includes

  1. Introduction to Portuguese:
    • Alphabet and pronunciation.
    • Greetings and basic expressions.
    • Introducing oneself and others.
  2. Grammar Fundamentals:
    • Nouns, articles, and gender.
    • Verb conjugation (present tense).
    • Basic sentence structure.
  3. Vocabulary Building:
    • Common words and phrases related to everyday situations (e.g., greetings, family, food, travel).
    • Numbers, time, and dates.
  4. Listening and Speaking Practice:
    • Simple dialogues and role-plays.
    • Listening exercises to improve comprehension.
    • Pronunciation drills and speaking activities.
  5. Reading and Writing Skills:
    • Reading short texts and simple stories.
    • Writing exercises focusing on basic sentence formation and personal information.
  6. Cultural Insights:
    • Introduction to Portuguese-speaking countries' culture, traditions, and customs.
    • Cultural norms in social interactions and hospitality contexts.

  1. Grammar Expansion:
    • Past, present, and future verb tenses.
    • Conditional and subjunctive mood.
    • Direct and indirect object pronouns.
  2. Expanding Vocabulary:
    • Intermediate-level vocabulary related to work, leisure activities, travel, and current events.
    • Idioms and colloquial expressions.
  3. Conversation Skills:
    • Participating in discussions on various topics.
    • Expressing opinions, preferences, and feelings.
    • Practicing fluency through role-plays and debates.
  4. Reading and Writing Proficiency:
    • Reading longer texts, articles, and excerpts from literature.
    • Writing essays, summaries, and personal narratives.
    • Developing comprehension strategies and writing coherent paragraphs.
  5. Listening Comprehension:
    • Listening to authentic audio materials, such as interviews, podcasts, and news reports.
    • Understanding main ideas, details, and inferred meanings.
  6. Cultural Exploration:
    • Exploring cultural nuances through literature, films, music, and cuisine.
    • Analyzing contemporary issues and cultural trends in Portuguese-speaking regions.

  1. Complex Grammar Structures:
    • Advanced verb conjugation (including compound tenses and subjunctive forms).
    • Relative clauses, indirect speech, and passive voice.
    • Advanced syntax and sentence construction.
  2. Specialized Vocabulary:
    • Vocabulary related to specific industries or professional fields (e.g., hospitality, business, healthcare).
    • Academic and technical terminology.
  3. Advanced Communication Skills:
    • Engaging in complex discussions and debates on diverse topics.
    • Delivering presentations and speeches.
    • Negotiation and persuasion strategies.
  4. Reading and Writing Proficiency:
    • Analyzing and interpreting authentic texts, including literature, essays, and academic papers.
    • Producing structured arguments, critiques, and analyses.
    • Refining editing and proofreading skills.
  5. Cultural Proficiency:
    • Exploring cultural nuances, historical events, and socio-political issues in depth.
    • Examining cultural identity, globalization, and intercultural communication.
  6. Proficiency Exam Preparation (Optional):
    • Preparation for standardized proficiency exams, such as the CELPE-Bras (for Brazilian Portuguese) or the CAPLE (for European Portuguese).
    • Practice tests, strategies, and feedback to optimize performance.
Professional Certificate
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Online Class Timing for Portuguese

Duration: 6 weeks 40 Hours
  • Saturday 10 .00 AM – 12.00 noon / 12.00 noon – 02.00 PM
  • Sunday 10 .00 AM – 12.00 noon / 12.00 noon – 02.00 PM

  • Earn a career certificate

    Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Portuguese , demonstrating their proficiency and expertise in Portuguese .


    What Our Experts & Students says?

    Frequently asked questions

    Understanding how learning Portuguese can benefit individuals pursuing careers in the hospitality industry. Which will help to Enhancing Customer Service, Cultural Understanding, Personal Enrichment, Career Advancement, Facilitating Business Relationships and Expanding Market Reach.

    Details on the curriculum and the language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) that will be emphasized.

    Information on how proficiency in Portuguese can open up job opportunities or enhance customer service in hotels, restaurants, tourism, Embassy & MNC’s etc.

    EVANIH platform has Clarification on the proficiency level targeted by the course to help students assess their suitability. We have classes for Basic A1, Intermediator -A2, Advance Level 2, B2

    Yes, the course content is customized to include language relevant to hospitality professionals which will include the English to Portuguese grammar, Vocabulary, speaking & listening skills.

    The format typically includes live video sessions conducted by an instructor where learner can interact, ask questions, and participate in discussions.

    Language Enthusiasts, Travelers, Business Professionals, Students, Cultural Enthusiasts, Students, Immigrants and Expatriates, who can communicate the English can enrol in this course.

    Explanation of the opportunities for EVANIH Learners to engage with the instructor and fellow learners, such as group activities, discussions, etc.

    Yes, Information on additional resources like E-textbooks, online exercises, or language learning apps that may aid in practice and reinforcement.

    Yes, the classes are scheduled on the weekend two different slot for 1 Hrs 20 mins into two different batches. If a learner misses a live class due to work commitments, special classes slot will be allotted for the working professional’s batches 4-5 Minium in one batch.

    Learner can connect directly to EVANIH team about the extra assistance with their language learning journey. Special tutoring services will be provided as per their request and online forums where learner can seek help or clarification on course content.

    The assignment will be live online by the tutor on language proficiency through regular assessments, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing tasks, to monitor progress and provide targeted feedback for improvement.
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