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Fine Dining Management

For whom is the course intended?

  • Hospitality professionals looking to advance their careers by specializing in fine dining service and management.
  •  Culinary enthusiasts aim to enhance their knowledge of gourmet cuisine, wine pairing, and fine dining etiquette.
  •  Students pursuing degrees or certifications in hospitality management or culinary arts, supplement their formal education with practical skills in fine dining.
  • Experienced restaurant staff, including servers, sommeliers, and managers, aiming to refine their expertise and stay abreast of industry trends.
  • Individuals considering a career transition into the hospitality industry, leveraging the course to acquire relevant skills and knowledge in fine dining restaurant management.
  • Aspiring restaurateurs seeking to gain insights into the operations and management of high-end dining establishments.


What you're going to discover in this Course?

  • At the end of this course, you will be able to understand an overview of the Fine Dining Restaurant's operational aspects. 
  • For any fine-dining restaurant Food and Drink play a vital role along with the décor and the table setup.
  • In this course, you will learn the importance of menu planning, design, and wine pairing with food techniques.
  • To create a professional and attractive table setting and elevate the dining experience, fine dining napkin folds are crucial.
  • You will also discover high-end restaurants to operate smoothly and succeed.
  •  Business management for fine dining is essential.
  •  This includes strategic planning, financial management, employee development, and excellent customer service to provide guests with remarkable dining experiences 

This course includes

  • 10 Week Study  40Hours
  • Quiz, Case Studies or Project based learning
  • Study resources
  • Certificate of completion
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV

This course includes

Lesson 1 Overview of Fine Dining Restaurants

Lesson 2: Concept and Aesthetic of Fine Dining

Lesson 3: Role of Service in Fine Dining

Lesson 4: Fine Dining Etiquette and Guest Interactions

Lesson 1: Menu Design and Conceptualization

Lesson 2: Ingredient Selection and Seasonality

Lesson 3: Wine Selection and Pairing

Lesson 4: Menu Pricing and Cost Analysis

Lesson 1: Table Setup and Elegant Presentation

Lesson 2: Napkin Folding and Utensil Placement

Lesson 3: Wine Service and Decanting

Lesson 1: Culinary Techniques for Fine Dining

Lesson 2: Plate Presentation and Garnishing

Lesson 3: Temperature and Texture Control

Lesson 4: Balancing Flavors and Creativity

 Lesson 1: Welcoming and Seating Guests

 Lesson 2: Interacting with Guests and Anticipating Needs

 Lesson 3: Handling Complaints and Difficult Situations

 Lesson 4: Enhancing the Overall Dining Experience

 Lesson 1: Staff Management and Training

 Lesson 2: Reservation Management

 Lesson 3: Financial Management and Cost Control

 Lesson 4: Marketing and Branding Strategies

Lesson 1: Time & Stress Management

Lesson 2:  Developing Leadership Skills

Lesson 3:  Successful Professional Sales Skills

Standard operating procedures provide the policies, processes and standards needed for the organization to succeed.

Forms & Formates help to understand about the Restaurat Resesrvation , Orders , Menu list , Wine list ,Billing Process etc.

Professional Certificate
Earn a career credential that demonstrates your expertise
Course Fee
19999 25999
Duration: 10 Week Study
Flexible schedule
Learn at your own place

Earn a career certificate

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Fine Dining Management, demonstrating their proficiency and expertise in Fine Dining Management.


What Our Experts & Students says?

Frequently asked questions

Fine dining management, including its key components such as customer service, menu planning, ambiance, and staff management.

Career paths include restaurant management, food and beverage management, catering service, event planning, hospitality consulting, Clubs, Lounges, and high-end cafes. Formal dining restaurant and entrepreneurship in the fine dining industry.

The skills you develop such as Time management, leadership, communication, problem-solving, customer service, financial management, menu development, and team coordination.

The course includes restaurant operations, food and beverage management, sanitation and safety, wine appreciation, culinary arts, marketing and promotions, and industry trends.

Addressing this question Students will have a blended learning experience of 20% theoretical and for the rest 80% you can opt for practical training opportunities, such as internships in fine dining establishments, culinary labs, simulated restaurant settings, and experiential learning projects.

This course will provide an opportunity to highlight the specific focus on upscale dining experiences, including attention to detail, personalized service, gourmet cuisine, and the elevated standards associated with fine dining establishments.

The course duration is 10 weeks and 40 hours of learning, which will include your theory E-learning, assessment & internship/on-the-job training Project-based learning to award the completion of the course certificate.

Outline prerequisites, such as educational background, work experience, language proficiency, and any additional application requirements or assessments.

Yes, the Industry & academic mentors’ community for the student's interaction. Webinar sessions with industry professionals and alumni connections that may be available to students.

EVANIH will provide job assistance to those who are seeking better opportunities in similar domains. The salary range will be 5,00,000 to 8,00,000 PA depending on the candidate's work experience, skills, and caliber.
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